Visitors who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 may visit after 10 days of isolation,
when symptoms have improved and when there has been no fever for the past 24 hours (no use
of fever reducing medicine such as Tylenol for at least 24 hours.)

• All visitors should sanitize hands frequently throughout the visit and at a minimum, before and
after visiting.

• Visitors, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks and physically distance
themselves from other residents and staff when in a communal area in the facility.
Separately, while we strongly recommend that visitors wear masks when visiting residents
in a private setting, such as a resident’s room when the roommate is not present, they may
choose not to. Not wearing a mask and physically distancing during visit, presents a risk of
COVID-19 exposure.

• If the resident is in a private room, it is recommended that number of visitors be limited to two
or three.

• If the resident is in a shared room, visits should occur in a common area unless the resident is
unable to get out of bed. If a visit must occur in the room, visitors should maintain 6 foot
distancing from the other resident. The number of visitors in a shared room is limited to two.

• To reserve a common area/meeting room for a visit, please contact the resident’s social worker
in advance of the visit.

• Visitors should remain in resident’s room or designated visitation area. Movement throughout
the facility should be limited.

• Visitors may bring food in to share with a resident as long as the resident/resident’s
representative is aware of the risks and meal/refreshment is being shared in a private area (not
in common areas.) Meals are not provided by the facility at this time.

• During times when Maryville has had COVID positive cases, either residents or staff, visitors
understand that there is a possibility of exposure. If visitor chooses to enter Maryville at these
times, visitor understands that following the above protocols will minimize visitor exposure.

Updated 3/23/23